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Free Download IDM UEStudio 20 - Powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) built on the chassis of UltraEdit, the world renowned text editor

Overview of IDM UEStudio 20:

UEStudio is the powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) built on the chassis of UltraEdit, the world renowned text editor. As a full integrated development environment, UEStudio includes all the features of the powerful UltraEdit text editor plus native support for over 30 popular compilers (including Microsoft Visual C++, Java, GNU C/C++, PHP, Perl and over 30 others). UEStudio includes integrated debugging, VCS version control, built-in class browsing, language intelligence (like Intellisense), project conversion, and batch building features, as well as many other advanced features. Download your copy today to begin writing, debugging, and building applications in your favorite programming language.


UEStudio, all the features of UltraEdit plus the power of an IDE. UEStudio '09 builds upon the highly acclaimed UltraEdit v14, but goes even further to bring you a must-see interface that offers stunning new functionality, as well as an array of powerful new features - such as an integrated PHP debugger, updated version control, and so much more... UEStudio '09...Designed to transform the way you work!

Powerful project and solution features

  • - Visual Studio 6/05 project to UEStudio project conversion
  • - Integrated compiler support (note: compilers not included with IDE)
  • - Integrated CVS version control support
  • - Integrated SVN support
  • - Support for multiple SVN/CVS modules within a project
  • - Integrated tag support
  • - Powerful project manager
  • - Compiler-specific project templates.

Application building features

  • - Compile your projects from within UEStudio
  • - Build/batch build
  • - Debug
  • - Integrated debugger support for WinDbg for Microsoft C/C++ applications
  • - Run your application from within UEStudio

Script toolbar features

  • - Special PHP/Ruby scripting support
  • - Run and test your PHP/Ruby scripts from within UEStudio
  • - New PHP function checks syntax of all open PHP files
  • - Parse your PHP/Ruby documents
  • - Strip comments
  • - Highlight source

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or above
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more
  • Evaluate:
    41 Rated
  • Operating system:
  • License Type: Free
  • Latest updates: 05-03-2024
  • Created by: IDM Computer Solutions
  • Size: 106 Mb
  • Download: 65
  • Password (If applicable): 123
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